Qualification of GNSS in the railway enviroment

NavCert with Presentation at the Navigation 2021

NavCert participated with a presentation at the international conference Navigation 2021 on November 17, 2021. Our colleagues Mrohs and Machiraju addressed in their presentation the challenges of qualification of GNSS based systems in the railroad environment. The title of the presentation is "Qualification of GNSS in the railway enviroment".

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About Navigation 2021

Navigation 2021 was organized by the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) and "... brought together experts from industry, research institutions, government agencies and investors whose primary goal is to work together for a more navigable world. In November 2021, Navigation 2021 unitee two established conferences. The International Navigation Conference (INC) and the European Navigation Conference (ENC) came together as one truly global showcase." (~ RIN)

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