NavCert at the ACIMobility Summit

Am 21. & 22. September findet das neue internationale Forum ACIMobility in Braunschweig statt

NavCert will be present and will support the event both as a sponsoring partner and with a technical contribution. In the "Connectivity" section, our colleague Ernst Phillip Mrohs will give a presentation on the topic of "Assessment of a GNSS reference".

When: 21.09.2021 | 16:45 hrs

The ACIMobility Summit is organised by ITS mobility, the German Aerospace Center and the Lower Saxony Research Center for Automotive Engineering at TU Braunschweig. With the new conference title (ACIM replaces AAET after 20 years), it aims at continuous internationalisation, with the claim to establish ACIMobility as a top-class interdisciplinary forum. One of the highlights will be the integration of real demonstrations, which will turn ACIMobility into a live event that can be experienced. (~ Source: ITS mobility)

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