NavCert at ITM/PTTI 2022

NavCert GmbH will be represented at ITM/PTTI 2022

NavCert GmbH will be represented at ITM/PTTI 2022 organised by ION by Mr Mrohs, who will give a presentation in Session A6: GNSS Integrity and Augmentation on "Assessment of GNSS devices in the context of calibration".

In the automotive industry, more and more requirements for GNSS-based systems and functionalities are emerging. For example, the pan-European 112 eCall has specific requirements for the performance and assessment of in-vehicle GNSS-based systems. In addition, there are other areas such as EETS and digital tachograph where the use of GNSS-based systems has become mandatory. This is complemented and supported by standardisation. Conformity with the defined requirements must be verified in internal or external laboratories of the automotive industry. For each laboratory, the calibration of its measuring equipment and the references used is an essential prerequisite for the reliability of the test. Since the observations of GNSS-based measuring instruments are not directly traceable to SI units and accordingly cannot be calibrated via accredited calibration systems, an assessment, validation and qualification of measuring and reference systems in this field must be carried out instead of a calibration. For this purpose, NavCert has developed a test procedure based on existing standards. The core of the test is, as defined for calibrations, the verification of performance values. As an example, the testing of values from the area of time and speed is presented. Learn more at

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