NavCert and DLR pave the way for safe autonomous driving

Test flights within the VaGAD project

On July 19-23, 2021, DLR and NavCert conducted test flights with a helicopter in the Munich area to take pictures of an autonomously driving test vehicle moving simultaneously on the ground. The helicopter was equipped with a high-resolution camera system and flew over the test track at an altitude of 600 to 800 meters. The aim of the test flights was to validate a test system for determining the trajectory (physics: path or movement of an object) of vehicles or autonomous vehicles.

Thus, NavCert and DLR are taking the VaGAD project into the next phase. The VaGAD project aims to develop a new GNSS receiver validation product that can be used in the automotive industry specifically for automation levels 3/4 and under real-world conditions. The project is funded by the European Space Agency ESA.


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