Flight Control

Safety first

In aerospace a CNS (Communication Navigation Surveillance) service provider is a certified air navigation service provider conducting, maintaining and repairing CNS systems on behalf of airport / aerodrome operators or other certified air navigation service providers.
CNS systems are communication / navigation or monitoring systems which are used in the aerospace area for the purpose of air traffic control and navigation. This includes radio equipment (ground / air), voice switching center, voice recording center, ATIS center, center for radio navigation (ILS, DME, VOR, NDB, finder) as well as radar systems and other monitoring systems.

These service providers have to own a security management handbook which contains the setup of the security management system, the description of the necessary procedures, the implementing rules as well as a detailed description about the operation and responsibility areas.

NavCert offers

NavCert supports CNS service providers preparing, transferring and optimizing the security management handbook and executes security assessments for airports according to the handbook in cooperation with the CNS service providers.

In addition to the technical competence flight inspection companies, which perform periodical inspections of the navigation systems, are required to prove a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. NavCert supports the companies preparing, implementing and developing the quality management system.

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