Pan-European eCall

Type approval for eCall

eCall is an  automatic emergency call system for motor vehicles based on the emergency call number 112 and is initiated by the European Union. In case of an accident or upon a manual trigger an eCall will be released and will transmit the minimum set of data (MSD), like position of the vehicle, vehicle identification number, etc., to the PSAP followed by a direct communication between the PSAP operator and the passengers in the vehicle.

eCall is compulsory for type approval since 2018.

What we do for the automotive industry

NavCert offers all services that enable OEMs and suppliers to achieve type approval in due time with low risks:

  • Gap analysis of specification to requirements of (delegated) regulation and applicable standards
  • Pre-testing according to the annex 1 to 8 of the delegated regulation 2017/79
  • Conformity assessment to standard EN 16454
  • Type approval for components, vehicle systems and vehicles in cooperation with TÜV

EU-Regulation 2015/758 requires that all vehicles have to prove eCall functionality after April 1st, 2018. All eCall systems are subject to type approval. The execution of type approval thereby underlies the specifications in the annexes 1 to 8 of EU-Regulation 2017/79.

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