• eCall Pre-testing as well as type approval
    (DR 2017/79) UN  ECE R144
  • Evaluation of control centers
  • Certification of
    • Retrofit / Aftermarket IVS
    • Third Party Service Provider (TPSP)
    • Simulators

Automated Driving

  • Identification of valid KPIs with appropriate test procedures
  • Independent qualification GNSS
  • Validation with critical scenarios


  • Type Sample testing OBU
  • Usability test System
  • Independent qualification GNSS


  • Independent qualification GNSS
  • Voluntary Certification UAS
  • Qualification UTM Systems
  • Validation of
    • new radio methods for aviation
    • GNSS receivers
  • Certification of
    • correction services
    • time receivers
    • simulators

Type Approval for eCall - in due time & with low risks

NavCert offers all services that enable OEMs and suppliers to achieve type approval in due time with low risks:

EU-Regulation 2015/758 requires that all vehicles have to prove eCall functionality after April 1st, 2018. All eCall systems are subject to type approval. The execution of type approval thereby underlies the specifications in the annexes 1 to 8 of EU-Regulation 2017/79.



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