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From a positive point of view: The digital world enables us to be there for our customers even from a distance

As you know, the World Health Organization has declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a global pandemic, and we all have to make decisions that best support our health and the health of our fellow human beings. As COVID-19 continues to have a global impact, we wanted to share information about NavCert's preparatory actions to ensure the health and safety of employees while keeping an eye on the needs of our customers and partners.

At the moment everyone should minimize their travel activities. For this reason, we continue to use the WEB-based conference system for direct communication with you and expand it to replace personal meetings. Most of our employees now work in the home office, but our laboratory is still in operation. Therefore we can offer our service in the quality that you know from the past.

The only limitation so far is that your employees will most likely not be present in person when testing in our laboratory. This can also be replaced by remote WEB-based collaboration, which can help you evaluate the devices under test almost as much as on site. All of this is intended to ensure the well-being of our employees while ensuring business continuity.

We therefore do not expect COVID-19 to affect our ability to provide our services to you. We would be very happy to set up a WEB-based call that evaluates how we can best support your needs in the coming weeks.

Best regards and stay healthy,

Martin Grzebellus

Managing Director NavCert

picture source: 1. congerdesign/Pixabay, 2. yanalya / freepik


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