Certification mark PPP 80013

Ground-based correction data service for satellite navigation

Subject of audit:

This certification mark is awarded to a ground-based Correction Data Service for satellite positioning allowing real-time positioning up to an accuracy of ±2cm in horizontal position. Verification subjects are the real-time positioning accuracy, the availability, and the quality of the service.

Examination based on:

The certification mark is awarded within the framework of voluntary certification. Testing focuses on:

  • validation and verification of the (management) concepts for
    • system design
    • user management
    • data processing
    • data security
    • trouble-shooting and error treatment
  • analysis of availability and operational reliability
  • measurement of performance and accuracy
    • by employment of highly accurate test and calibration fields
    • statistical evaluation
  • service quality
    • response time to customer inquiries
    • technical expertise

The test mark affirms:

1. Service checked:
The company’s service foreseen for certification is analysed to ensure consistency of the promised service quality offered to customers. Testing focuses on the scope of services, functionality and service quality.

2. Measurement accuracy 2 cm in real-time:
Measurements and subsequent statistical analysis give evidence that a positioning accuracy of up ± 2cm (at 2 sigma) for 2D position can be achieved in real-time.

3. Availability of service 99%:
Service availability is verified through an audit and by review of the recent ‘Availability of Service’ statistics for a period of two years. The audit verifies the technical and organisational measures that have been taken to reach the goal of 99 % availability.

4. High Service Quality (competence):
The company’s service performance is also assessed within the scope of the audit. For this purpose, the audit verifies accessibility of the service team, expertise and the response times to inquiries via hotline or web contact

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