Automated parking at Research Park Garage in Braunschweig – SyncoPark


The project team at the kickoff event in front of the research park garage located at the Research Airport Braunschweig

logo-syncoparkAt the research airport in Braunschweig, a new project on “Automated Parking” was already launched in October 2018. Now the first livestock test, which will answer the question of what the future of parking looks like, is underway.

A team from science and industry is researching automated parking systems of the future in the “SyncoPark” project. The test area is the newly built parking garage at the research airport Braunschweig.

NavCert analyzes existing standards and compiles the requirements for new standards and compliance testing specifications.


SynCoPark stands for synergies from cooperation and standardization in manufacturer-independent automated parking. The project team from science and industry develops a standardization for the qualification and certification of infrastructure in parking garages and vehicles. Park operations in different degrees of automation should thus be achieved independently of the vehicle manufacturer, infrastructure service providers and parking garage operators and a widespread spread of automated parking should be supported.

Project Team:

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