Certification mark PPP 80033


Subject of evaluation:

The certification mark is awarded as part of a voluntary certification.

It is defined for the method to communicate fiscal data to a central database, which meets the fiscal requirements of the fiscal administration and jurisdiction.

In addition to the general functionality, the focus of the audit will be on the traceability, truth, clarity and continuous recording as defined in the BMF letter "Principles for the proper management and retention of books, records and records in electronic form and data access ( GoBD) ".


1. Complete recording of all data:
All data required by the tax authorities is automatically recorded in the vehicle and transmitted to the central database.

2. Subsequent changes impossible if not documented:
A subsequent change of the recorded data, without this being documented, is not possible. This includes that data can not be deleted, added, or their order changed. Areas in which manual changes are permitted, are precisely defined and indicated.

3. Complete and timely:
The recording of all journeys is gapless. The recorded data is arranged chronologically and the order can not be changed. The data must be stored immediately and tamper-proof.

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