Certification mark PPP 80020

Vehicle emergency system

Examination based on:

The certification mark is awarded within the framework of voluntary testing and certification. It is defined for systems which enable rescue or other services, including breakdown service or breakdown assistance, to be alerted rapidly in the case of an accident. For this purpose, a component is installed on board the vehicle which detects the accident and passes the required information on to an emergency service operation centre, which will then initiate further measures.

Testing covers three key areas:

  • Hardware components
  • Data processing and server structures
  • Emergency service operation centre

The test also validates the system's protection against manipulation, its data security and protection.

The test mark affirms:

1. Reliable detection of accidents and processing of incoming alerts: 
Effective interaction of the various sub-systems in practice was verified by means of test accidents and on-site audits.

2. Systems suitable for passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles:
The installed HW components were subjected to a technical test to verify and assess their suitability and reliability.

3. Accident data only available to the insured party:
Audits which assessed the IT structures, the data processing processes and the communication connections verified compliance with the relevant data-protection and data-security requirements. These audits also verified that further security measures were taken to ensure accident-related data will only be accessible to the relevant insured party.

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