Certification mark PPP 80018

GNSS constellation simulators

Examination based on:

This certification mark is awarded within the scope of voluntary testing and certification. It is defined for GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) constellation simulators which generate a configurable GNSS RF signal.

The assessment focuses on the following requirements, besides general functionality
  • high precision signal generation
  • conformity of signal characteristics and quality to GNSS specifications

Technical requirements for laboratory equipment e.g. EN 61010, EN 60417-1 (electrical safety, graphical symbols), are additionally validated.

Test mark affirms:

1. High precision signal generation:
It is verified that the level of the configured signal parameters (e.g. signal level) is within the specified tolerances for signals generated by the GNSS constellation simulator.

2. Signal characteristics and quality conform to GALILEO OS SIS ICD AND GPS ICD:
It is verified that the signal characteristics (e.g. modulation, bandwidth, frequencies) and the signal quality (e.g. phase noise), are conform to the signal structures as defined in the applicable specification documents. By this the simulator is able to generate a configurable GNSS RF signal which is conform to the specification. Receivers connected to the simulator will be able to interpret the signal correctly to determine a simulated user position or the configured satellite constellation.

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