Certification mark PPP 80016

Service which provides up-to-date traffic information

Examination based on:

The certification mark is awarded within the framework of voluntary certification.

It has been defined for a service which provides up-to-date traffic information. The service provider uses  following sources to generate information about the traffic situation:

  • historical data of respective average speed in relation to date and time on a specific road section
  • Floating Phone Data (FPD) – data from measured amount of mobile phone users making calls while driving
  • data from fleet management systems
  • third party data (e.g. traffic control centre, TMC)

This data is available as anonymous information. It is processed within the course of data fusion thereby taking plausibility aspects into acount. Users with appropriate and compatible terminal equipment get those informations afterwards.

Assesment includes following issues:

  • availability of up-to-date information
  • reliability of traffic information that can be accessed
  • data security during data transmission and processing
  • user-friendliness of the service

Test mark affirms:

1. Highly accurate and reliable traffic jam information on highways, A-roads and main roads:
Random field tests verify that the traffic information communicated by the navigation device reflect the ground truth on the roads. Features assessed include the verification of road congestions announced by the system (length and location), verification of the announced delay times and the delay with which the system announces that an area of road congestion has cleared. Cooperation with traffic control centres and numerous field tests in Germany validate the provision of reliable data for highways, A-roads and main roads.

2. Updates every 2 minutes:
An on-site audit is conducted to verify whether the procedure used to process the collected traffic information is also capable of complying with the 2-minute real-time traffic update in extreme cases. In addition, system performance is tested and assessed with the help of various types of navigation equipment.

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