Certification mark PPP 80015

Electronic vehicle logs

Examination based on:

The certification mark is awarded within the framework of voluntary testing and certification. It has been defined for electronic vehicle logs that meet all tax-related legal requirements and all criteria of the fiscal authorities.

Testing focuses on the system's general functionality and if it meets following requirements:

  • complete recording of all data
  • subsequent changes
  • complete and contemporary data

The completed tests also verify the extent to which the system can be manipulated, including on-board operation, transfer of data to the evaluation software and PC-based storage and processing of the data

Test mark affirms:

1. Complete recording of all data:
All data required by the fiscal authority are automatically recorded on-board:

  • time and date at the beginning and end of a trip (time is not needed if the trip is of private nature)
  • driven kilometres and kilometre reading
  • starting point and point of destination (geographical coordinates) for each official trip

2. Subsequent changes excluded or documented:
Subsequent, undocumented changes of trip data must be excluded, i.e. trips may not be deleted or added and the order of trips may not be changed. If manual changes are permitted in certain strictly predefined areas, such as changing an official trip to a private trip, then they have to be specifically marked. For comparison of actually driven kilometres with the kilometre reading of the odometer, an adjustment is neccessary which may not change the ratio between kilometres driven for official trips and those driven for private purposes.

3. Data has to be complete and prompt:
All trips have to be fully recorded from start to end. Data is recorded in chronological order which may not be changed. The kilometres driven must be precisely determined along the course of the road driven. The data must be saved immediately during or after the end of a trip and protected from manipulation.

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