Certification mark PPP 80014

Method for the evaluation of digital map material

Examination based on:

The certification mark is awarded within the framework of the voluntary testing and certification of processes supporting the assessment of digital maps.

Certification focuses on:

  • process applied to the evaluation of maps
  • suitability of results for statistical purposes
  • performed field tests for verification of maps
  • validation of result analysis

Test mark affirms:

1. Practice-oriented proof of the quality of navigation data:
Target availability, route selection and compliance with the defined route criteria are assessed from the customer’s perspective by entering various targets and possible routes. These results will be verified by additional field tests. This approach allows for quality assessment under real-life conditions.

2. Statistically significant samples and results:
The number of pre-defined targets and target categories is high enough to permit qualitative assessment within the scope of a statistical analysis. Gained findings permit an assessment of the submitted digital maps.

3. Validated address and route selection:
All possible options for address selection are tested and evaluated during map assessment. The offered routes and their correctness are subject to verification in regard to route criteria and displayed information (e.g. distance). This occurs within field tests as well as within a simulation environment.

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