Certification mark PPP 80012

Systems for the exact identification of infrastructure objects along railway tracks

Subject of audit:

Accuracy and reliabilty of systems for the exact identification of facilities along railway tracks. Furthermore the systems are evaluated concerning their suitability for tunnel measurement.

Examination based on:

The certification mark is awarded within the framework of voluntary testing and certification based on predefined test criteria. Test measurements are conducted on behalf of a test vehicle on an approved railway track .

Therefore measurement points are attached at particular positions alongside of the railway track which are exactly determined by means of GPS-RTK recording. These measuring points are the basis for the determination of the measurement accuracy.

Examination emphasis is thereby on:

1. Determination of measurement accuracy:

  • recording of measured data
  • evaluation and analysis of measurement data
  • behaviour under impacts like:
    • shadowing effects
    • multipath scattering
    • loss of GNSS signals
    • acceleration and deceleration phase
  • calculation of measurement accuracy
    • calculation of relative measurement accuracy according to DIN ISO 5725-2:2002
    • calculation of absolute measurement accuracy according DIN ISO 17123-8:2003
  • evalustion of the system in regard its' suitability for tunnel measurement

2. Reliability:

  • system failure
  • incorrect measurements
  • identification of errors
  • protection of hardware components

3. Data type:

  • data type for import (e.g. list of facilitites)
  • data type for export (e.g. MS-Excel, TXT, AutoCAD, ESRI Shape)
  • functionality
  • conformity of formats

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