Certification Mark PPP 80011


Subject of audit:

Testing and auditing of the MapShareTM service covered all key areas: structure, concept, operation and functionality, including data protection, security and integrity.

Examination based on:

The certification mark is awarded within the framework of voluntary testing and certification. It is defined for a service which allows for fast and simple change of routing or information about points of interest (POI) in navigation systems. It also provides users with a platform for the secure and reliable exchange of altered information.

Following features are tested and examined:

  • Fast availability of updated data
  • High reliability of available information
  • Data security during transmission and saving of correctional data

The test mark affirms:

1. Daily corrected map contents, including POI:
Testing and auditing verified that new information is available on a daily basis by means of technical and organizational measures and that this new data includes all significant changes related to roads and POIs.

2. Simple generation and updating of changes:
Testing and auditing verified that changes prepared by third parties can be easily entered, optionally sent, and retrieved. Therefore user interfaces were also tested and assessed.

3. High reliability of retrieved correctional data:
Before information about changes are made available as classified correctional data they have to be verified by the traffic control centre. This internal process was tested and examined

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