Certification Mark PPP 80008

Personal Travel Assistant

Subject of audit:

Personal Travel Assistants (PTA) which offers not only navigation services but also touristic information

Examination based on:

The certification mark is awarded within the framework of voluntary testing and certification.

Testing for certification focused on:

  •     layout and replay of multimedia-based contents
  •     speed of route calculation
  •     accuracy of route calculation and information about current position
  •     display and degree of detail of supplied information
  •     accurate function of proposed features

The test mark affirms:

1. Monitored manufacturing:
During an annual inspection of the production site NavCert examined if the customer implemented the mandatory quality management methods and if he meets all requirements concerning the underlying standards.

2. Tested functionality:
All proposed features have been tested in regard to their accurate functionality. This included tests to see, if the user received the expected result when using a specific feature.

3. Fast and reliable route calculation:
Multiple different route calcuations have been conducted over a certain period of time, based on predefined goals. The results have then been analysed in regard to accuracy. Furthermore, for a substantiated statement testing included all featured options for routing.

4. Multimedia-based, situational travel guide:
The multimedia-based contents (pictures, text paragraphs, voice features) were randomly tested. Another focus was on position based replay and general presentation of contents.

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