Certification Marks

Certification mark as professional marketing tool

TÜV SÜD certification marks offer you an extensive plus regarding quality and legal security. A certification mark advertises your certification and sustains your lead position in competition on a professional level.

Behind every test mark and certification is, as part of NavCert or its cooperation partners, an accreditation and external quality control in the national and international accreditation system.

Selection of certification marks assigned by NavCert:

PPP 80008 - Personal Travel Assistant (PTA)

PPP 80009 - Software-Application (Internet-Portal)

PPP 80010 - Planimetry prodcut

PPP 80011 - MapShare

PPP 80012 - Systems for the exact identification of infrastructure objects along railway tracks

PPP 80013 - Ground-based correction data service for satellite navigation

PPP 80014 - Method for the evaluation of digital map material

PPP 80015 - Electronic vehicle logs

PPP 80016 - Service which provides up-to-date traffic information

PPP 80017 - Method to determine emission values of road transport

PPP 80018 - GNSS constellation simulators

PPP 80019 - Ground-based correction data service for satellite positioning

PPP 80020 - eCall Systems

PPP 80021 - Galileo Testfeld

PPP 80025 - eCall Simulator

PPP 80026 - eCall test environment for IVS

PPP 80027 - Method for digital address information assessment

PPP 80028 - eCall Interface Box

PPP 80029 - Conformity Assessment for Public Safety Answering Points

PPP 80030 - eCall Demo In-Vehicle-System (IVS)

PPP 80031 - PSAP test point for eCall type approval of IVS

PPP 80033 - Fiskal-Telematik

PPP 80034 - Conformity of eCall retrofit TPS units

Example certification mark

navcert certification mark

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