Voluntary Certification

Voluntary certification can be your competitive edge

An exclusive cooperation with TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH enables NavCert to merchandise certifications in the non-regulated area and to assign the voluntary certification mark with the TÜV SÜD logo.

We award voluntary certification marks in following areas:


A voluntary certification from NavCert is based on a voluntary test plan which enables us to review outstanding and innovative features of products or services. If the voluntary certification was successful, the customer receives a certificate and a double octagon as voluntary certification mark.

The voluntary certification mark can be used as marketing tool on data sheets, product packaging, at exhibitions or on your web page. The exact description what has been tested in the context of the voluntary certification is provided on the NavCert web page.

Furthermore, TÜV SÜD maintains a public web data base where all certificates and its particular voluntary certification owner are listed.

NavCert certificate for added value

NavCert’s voluntary certification leads to a clear added value which will have a positive impact on the final purchase decision of potential customers. The continuous monitoring by NavCert optimizes the complete value chain additionally. Excellent product development results in higher customer satisfaction. This reduces customer complaints and therefore also costs. Furthermore, liability risks will be minimized since the voluntary certification mark is classified as prima facie evidence and reverses the burden of argumentation.

More information about our voluntary certification marks by NavCert

Example Certification Mark

navcert pruefzeichen

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