PPP 80027

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Method for digital address information assessment

Subject of audit:

The certification mark is awarded within the framework of the voluntary testing and certification of method for digital address information assessment.
Certification focuses on the following points:

  • method applied to assess address information
  • statistical usability of the used control sample
  • performed tests for verification of address information
  • validation of the result analysis

Claims in the Certification Mark:

  1. Statistically significant samples and results:
    The number of pre-defined targets and target categories is high enough to permit qualitative assessment within the scope of a statistical analysis. The way of extracting samples corresponds to good statistical usage. The findings gained by the control sample permit the statistical significant assessment of the submitted digital address information.

  2. Validated way for assessing availability and accuracy of address information:
    It is evaluated how the master data is generated. For this two issues are analyzed:
    • Checking of the availability of an address using reference data (actuality, traceability and reproducibility)
    • Identification of the accuracy in dependency of the used master data. Which coordinates are allocated to an object respectively an area, in order to identify exactly an address
  3. Certified process:
    The company’s process undergoing certification was analysed to ensure the methodology applied is appropriate and effective. Certification covered both monitoring and auditing of basic processes and their application in practice.


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